This is the home of the Association of Ontario Judges, formerly the Ontario Conference of Judges. If you are a Presiding, Per Diem or Retired Ontario Court of Justice Judge, login below or click here for member information about the Association.

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THE ASSOCIATION OF ONTARIO JUDGES (formerly Ontario Conference of Judges) WELCOMES YOU!



As Ontario Court of Justice Judges, we all share the privilege of serving or having served the people of Ontario.


This website is designed to allow the Association to communicate with Judges – Presiding, Per Diem and Retired – and allow Judges to communicate with the Association and each other.


We invite you to take time to login now. Come back to the site often. Participate in the blogs and forums. We want you to be able to stay current with the legal issues, the terms of service issues, the benefits issues, the pension issues and the social issues around being a current or retired Justice of the Association of Ontario Judges. 


Above all, we want to stay in touch with you and we want you to have a resource to receive and give information about the issues that affect you.


We want to help you and, by all of us working together, help each other.




Your Honour,
Please use your email address and the password assigned to access the system. 



Association of Ontario Judges 2023

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